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What window film can do
- protect your glass against earthquake damage
- greatly reduce fading of your carpets, furnishings, and art
- control heat and glare
- give privacy
- upgrade ordinary glass to safety glass that meets building
- reduce condensation

What is window film?
Window film is an inexpensive, high-tech product applied to the inside
of your windows by our experts.
How will window film look?
Our clear films give a crystal-clear view. You'll see the benefits,
not the film.

We use the finest and most advanced films, matched to your place and
needs. They come with a lifetime guarantee.

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More about window film
Window film is an inexpensive, high-tech product applied to the inside of your windows by our experts.
Comfort and safety
Window film can do many things to make your home more comfortable. It can control heat and glare, provide complete privacy, limit condensation, and reduce the risk of breakage, quake damage, and burglary, while giving a crystal-clear view.
Our safety film will bring glass up to A-Grade safety standard under NZ building codes, even in older homes, at significantly lower cost than installing safety glass.

When you install window film. you reduce condensation. Your window glass stays warmer so your windows may fog, but they won't stream. 

Ultraviolet protection
In New Zealand we have harsh levels of ultraviolet sunlight, and our expensive furnishings fade so quickly we can almost see it happening.

Leather, drapes and carpets, timber floors all dry out and and are quickly ruined by even indirect sunlight. Paintings and photographs fade.

Exclude UV rays from your home, and stop the damage.

A high-tech solution
Window Film is a high-tech product, a sheer layer of polyester that we apply to the inside of your windows. Crystal Window Films  uses the finest and most advanced films, with lifetime warranties.  The film is selected to suit the situation and light levels of each individual home, and can be installed very cost-effectively by our experienced personnel.

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